Movies in Kolkata: the Modern Way

While watching a movie, have you ever wondered on the evolution of the Film Exhibition industry? In the metro cities of the country, while people in their twenties and thirties would still remember seeing a movie in a single screen hall when they were young kids, the generation that is still in their teens has probably never known the existence of such a movie hall. It is not their fault, of course, because they have never been exposed to the world and culture of multiplexes ever since they were born.

Multiplexes are halls that have three or more screens, all in different auditoriums. Some of the reasons why more and more people in the city prefer going to multiplexes to watch movies in Kolkata is because: –

  • Rising disposal income of the middle class families – with two or more earning members in the family and higher income slabs, the average family is encouraged to spend more on movies and entertainment.
  • The boom in the retail sector and presence of the larger than life brands in malls has been a key influence in the growth and preference of multiplexes in the city. Kolkatans are conveniently able to combine their shopping and dining outings with a movie experience.
  • The fact that the youngster crowd today are technology savvy and in fact, with a majority of them either working in the IT o the BPO sector or are obtaining relevant qualification in the field, the millennial crowd today understand and appreciate the importance of technology – they are well aware of the methodology of online movie ticket bookings as well the importance of use of digital payments. Watching a movie in Kolkata is no longer a big issue with this generation – they are able to book tickets and seats using their smart phones. The convenience of using the Apps or the mobile sites of retailers like Paytm, PhonePe or MobiKwik is encouraging enough for multiplex owners to continue expanding within and outside the city limits.
  • Some years back certain government schemes also provided the much required push for multiplexes to grow and multiply. There were entertainment tax benefits that were passed by many state governments that encouraged even the single screen theatres to convert into multiplexes.
  • Lastly the quality of movies being churned out by Bollywood and Tollywood on a continual basis has attracted ample attention of the educated and the elite classes to shed off their apprehensions about watching movies in Kolkata in theatres. With power backed performance supported by strong star cast and movie content, the entertainment industry saw significant rise in pulling the crowds out of their homes and into movie halls. At the same time the entertainment industry and the entertainment exhibition industry worked hand-in-hand to devise ways of bettering the movie watching experience of the crowd. This gave rise to the option of offering multiple movies and shows at concurrent auditoriums and offering premium services akin to that of a hotel experience in order to encourage repeat customers.