Should You Hire a Lawyer for Your Traffic Ticket?

Almost everyone gets some sort of traffic ticket at some point during their lives. Most people end up paying these tickets and moving on, but there are times when it could be helpful to hire a traffic lawyer to try to get the ticket thrown out. Whether or not you should hire a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket depends on a variety of factors. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about hiring a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket.

First, you need to think about whether or not a lawyer could get your penalties reduced, and how important that would actually be. For example, if you got your first speeding ticket, and it isn’t going to affect your insurance or driving record that much, it may be easier to just pay it. However, if your ticket is going to impact your insurance, cause you to possibly lose your license, or if you are dealing with a more serious offense (such as a DUI) you may want to consult a lawyer to see if he or she thinks it is possible to get your penalty reduced.

Second, you need to think about the cost of the ticket vs the cost of the lawyer’s time. For example, it would not make sense to spend $200 dollars on a lawyer, if your ticket was $95, if there are no other serious repercussions of the ticket. So, think about the cost of the lawyer vs the cost of just paying the ticket before you seek legal help.

Third, think about whether you want an alternative penalty than the one you are facing. For example, if you are going to get several points on your license due to your ticket, a lawyer may be able to negotiate that you attend traffic school instead of getting the points added to your license. As David Teddy, a speeding ticket lawyer in Shelby NC explains, these types of situations are where traffic lawyers are most useful. They have a lot of experience making these kinds of negotiations, and you are far more likely to get the alternative penalty you want with an experienced attorney by your side.

If you decide that you do what to hire a traffic lawyer, you need to make sure you find an expert and reputable attorney to take the case. Read online reviews and talk to the lawyer about his or her past cases. Does the lawyer you have in mind have a good track record of winning traffic violation cases? You’ll also want to make sure you pick someone who has time for your case as well. Don’t settle for a lawyer who is so booked that you barely get to speak to him or her about your case.

These are just a few of the things you should keep in mind if you are considering hiring a traffic attorney to help with your traffic ticket. If you do hire a lawyer, make sure you do your research to determine that is worth your effort, and make sure you find a trustworthy attorney with expertise in the area.